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Pelican Sound a Waterfront Community in Hampstead NC 28443

Pelican Sound a Waterfront Community in Hampstead NC 28443

"Honey, we've had too much snow in the north this year, 90 inches of record snow and shoveling has cost me two weeks of work, $2500 on a snow blower and $5000 to a chiropractor!"  
"That's great dear, but if we move to the coast of North Carolina, we must have a boat slip for the 30' boat we are going to purchase, and a yard to put in a swimming pool."
I can imagine these conversations happening every day.  In fact I have conversations with potential homebuyers who are contemplating life in a milder climate where the mere mention of snow shuts down the world.  Then precipitation becomes a treat to look forward to once in a while as the seasons change and the skies become crisp and clear during our warmer times of year. The real estate market in Hampstead was greatly impacted by the rise and fall of prices and the demise of the mortgage industry during the first decade of this century.  Prices remain affordable for water front property if you are comparing this location to Malibu or other tropical destinations. Seasons change in NC and you can enjoy the Fall color magnificence of the flora and fauna in the mountains in the early morning when the dew is still settling on the mountaintops.  Hop on Interstate 40 East and arrive on the seashore by mid afternoon where you can stroll on the white sand beaches at low tide and possibly find sea glass.  You can watch a pod of dolphins as they feast on a bait ball, catch a glassy set of waves if you are a surf fan and still have your hand at catching a mullet run and cook fish for dinner.  How many places can you do that without taking a plane?  Hampstead is bordered by the IntraCoastal WaterWay (ICWW) a channel for private and commercial vessels to travel from Florida to frosty North.        
Pelican Sound has 30 lots on its quiet street that ends in the Intracoastal Waterway.  Buyina a home in Pelican Sound will afford you the opportunity to enjoy a day dock and gazebo for all propety owners and for a portion of the lots there are boat slips that are deeded with the lot.  
We currently have three homes listed for sale in Pelican Sound.  122 Cove Side Lane is under construction and the flooring system is going in with a home similar to this floorplan recently built by MBD Builders.  The buyer can still pick all their interior and exterior colors and finishes. There will be a front loading garage on the current build, but you will love the builders touches on the gables and the tapered columns on your rocking chair front porch.  

Lot 21 which is 135 Cove Side Lane has a proposed three story floorplan with 3600 square feet with a large master suite that opens onto a private covered porch.  All upstairs bedrooms are oversized with plenty of room to grow.  A complete open family room and kitchen with a wraparound bar.  There is a walk-in pantry that is adjacent to your laundy room for plenty of storage hidden from visitors.  There are 600 square feet on the bottom floor that can be tailored to your needs.  This lot comes with a private boat slip!  If you would like to enjoy this small piece of coastal paradise let's talk about how you can make this home your own.  

Lot 13 which is 126 Cove Side Lane is slated to have a two story floorplan built on it's over a half acre lot.  This craftsman style home has a lovely wraparound porch that is just waiting for your swing, breakfast table and rocking chairs.  Over 2700 heated square feet of your own personal customization in this beautiful coast style floor plan.  

Take a walking tour through the community of Pelican Sound Hampstead NC.....

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