Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Would you like decaf or regular......?

When showing homes to buyers, the comment I most often get is, "I really like that house, but if it were just on a different lot, or in a different neighborhood, it would work".  There are still so many options to choose from and I find that even though buying a home can be one of the most emotional processes for many people, most aren't necessarily in love with the homes that they preview.  They can like many features about the home, or they may say that this home will work, but that forever marriage to a home in today's buyer isn't always there.  The "30 something" home buyer has plans for the future that don't include being "home poor".

In giving consideration to this whole school of thought, there is a niche that remains for the realtor who listens to what the long term plans are for their buyers and sellers.

We Build It You Buy It......